Mantra to punish enemies

Mantra to punish enemies


Do you want to punish someone to the extent that they apologize for what they have done with you? Then mantra to punish enemies is the exact thing for you. Even though, in today’s time people to earn their mean can also think about to harm someone. Similarly, if you have also become a prey of such circumstances. Then mantra for enemy destruction is exactly the same thing for you. Because if someone has done fraud with you or have tried to harm.

Then it directly means that they are your enemy. Therefore, to make them realize their fault it is necessary to punish them. If you also feel that you are also going through the same. Then the better it will be for you to get in touch with our specialist. Because after consulting with him you will easily get to know how does they can be helpful to you. How does he will help you? you will get to know through this article.

How Mantra to punish enemies to remove enemy from your life works for us for enemy destruction?

It is one of the most recent question that how does mantra for enemy destruction works. For the reason because people want revenge from their enemy. Although for this they also try a lot that could hurt their enemy. But in spite of all these things they fear that they are not enough stronger in comparison of their enemy.

But you don’t need to be burnt in the feeling of reprisal from your enemy. Because, from now you will be able to have some victorious results over your enemy. For yet if you were unable to punish your enemy. Then through some mantra to punish enemies that will be suggested by our specialist. Soon you will be able to have triumph over your enemy.

Our specialist provides you some of the most prominent mantra to remove enemy from your life. Furthermore, these mantras are not so easy and usual as you think. Instead some of the Black magic mantra for enemy are provided by our specialist from black magic. In addition few of the mantra are also from lal kitab. It is based on you how you want your enemy. Similarly that mantra is considered in action.

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Mantra to punish enemies and destruction of them – to stop enemy from harming you

Banglamukhi mantra to punish enemies sadhna you can start from any Thursday night, you should seat on yellow woolen cloth piece. Keep direction on east and light a mustard oil lamp. Show to banglamukhi goddess photo. Also offer yellow garland to her and prayer and after that show incense stick and dhoopam and also sprinkle some gangajal around you similarly, over you and drink some gangajal. Along with do prayer with this mantra for enemy destruction:

Sauvarnasan sansthitam-tri-nayanam pitanshukollasineem; Hema-bhang-ruchim shashank-mukutam sachchampaka sragyutam. Hastair-mudgar-pash-vajra-rasanam sambi-bhrateembhushanair Vyaptangim Baglamukhi tri-jagatama sanstambhinim chintayet. 

Afterwards of this you should start japa from yellow hakik rosary and recite this mantra to stop enemy so that no more he harm you. Daily total 2,25,000 mantra you will have to recite to fulfill your desire that mantra you can recite as per your convenience after completing the 2,25,000 mantra 21000 mantra extra you should recite and after

this hawan is important from the same mantra hawan should be done under supervision. For best result you can also consult with our specialist. after that invite 11 bramhans to your home, cook all your food into mustard oil only and take bless of all bramhan and give dakchina to them according to your budget and your now you can see changes into the situation.

Contact our specialist for some more mantra to punish enemies

You can get to see a lot of people who pay guarantee to help you. But their procedure will work for you or not. It is a thing which is difficult to say. Enough if you talk about mantra for enemy destruction. Then such types of Dushman ko Marne ka Mantra can be only provide by its specialist.

Similarly, if you also think that you are going through troubling situation of your life. Where your enemy instead to apologize has been disturbing your life. Then the better it will be for you to consult our specialist for the mantra to punish enemies. Because he is an experienced person. Especially in the field of tantra mantra. With the assistance of, not only he will remove your enemy from your life.

But also he is proficient to let your enemy come to you on his knees to feel sorry. Thus if you also wish for the same. Then the better it will be for you to contact our specialist.

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