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Facts about inter caste marriage and how to solve all issues coming in inter caste marriage

facts about inter caste marriage and how to solve all issues coming in inter caste marriage

Inter cast marriage means that when marriage is done in diverse cast. When bride and groom tie an unbreakable bond but in different cast that means inter cast marriage. Nowadays, the inter cast marriages have gradually gained acceptance owing to increasing education, economic background and employment. The first inter cast marriage is done in India on 4 February 1889. This marriage is a record in India.

What society think about inter cast marriage.

Society means whose people live surrounding us. According to society inter cast marriage a sin. In society some masses think that bride and groom should not inter cast marriage because a lower cast people cannot think about higher level cast. This is a huge crime in community. Along with it, few masses think that in community inter cast marriage divide our culture in distinct culture. Some community think that inter cast marriage is a huge worst decision in this world. Sometime inter cast marriage do not accept in society.

Which types of problems come in life owing to inter cast marriage?

There are few demerits (issues) of inter cast marriage. The first one is that some inter cast marriages do not success in this world. So some brides have to face numerous obstacles in their life. Along with it, they have to more hard work in their life. Sometime brides have to spend their life alone without their families. Furthermore, some families tease to bride for dowry owing to this some bride victim of suicide in their life. They have to live alone without their families and that time quite hard for them. What is more, sometime in their future their child have to face many problems such as, in school and society.Some community do not give respect of intercast marriage relation because they think that it is a sin. People should marriage in own cast.

In contrast, some people in favour of inter cast marriage because they think that people should not believe in cast. 

How can astrology help in inter cast marriage?

Astrology helpful for inter cast marriage because the 7th house is the house of spouse. The lord and planet Venus represent wife in male horoscope. The lord and Jupiter represent the husband in female horoscope. This is the birth chart such as 7th house and 2nd house or 6th house. This is represent the sun sign and planets or families.

How can we convince parents for love inter cast marriage & How to manage inter cast marriage?

There are few steps to convince parentsfor inter cast marriage. The first one is that we should find the correct moment for talk to our family. Secondly, we should try to explain to our parents that why we love our partner. Along with it, we should search an inter cast marriage in our family which was successful. What is more, try to keep your parents away from relatives or masses who against the inter cast marriage. According to these steps people can manage inter cast marriage in their life. Along with it, some people say that Government should make different laws for inter cast marriage because they can survive in this world without any fear.

Solutions of inter cast marriage:-

Vashikaran mantra is a technique to control on mind. With the help of this mantra you can convince your parents and relatives for inter cast marriage.

Last but not the least, Some People think that inter cast marriage is boon for every nation in this upgrading era because with the help of inter cast marriage people can make a good relation to each other in every community.

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Facts about inter caste marriage and how to solve all issues coming in inter caste marriage
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