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I m pawan kumar from rajasthan jaipur i would like to share my expereince with you all becasue on internet from 6 month i had a word with many pandit ji who commit to solve any kind of problem but i m very sorry to say that every single one was just comitting but not fullfeeling and i got start to think that i cant get my love back back by astrology or any other way then one of my friend rahul has told me about Pandit Shankar Lal acharya ji review and he told me that talk to him i got benefit frrom his in some personal problem then i call pandit ji at +91-8557850786 and pandit ji has asked my all details but first i want to tell you what my problem was? i

How to control your boss by vashikaran Mantra

Indian tantra, mantra is much admired in all the ages. Any type of problem can be solved by tantra and mantra. The problem may be related to money, health, power, love and the opponent; the whole problem can be solved by the tantra mantra. The vashikaran mantra is also one of them. By using vashikaran mantra you can control anyone. The boss vashikaran mantra is of different types, and the use of them depends on who we are casting. For example you want to get your love you have to use the vashikaran love mantra at the craving person. And if you want to control your wife you use t

Do you want to do vashikaran to your enemy or distroy your enemy because you want to take revenge for any reason like properly issue or personal fighting or any other reason then vashikaran can be a best tool to take revenge from your enemy. In this kind of way vashikaran mantra to destroy enemy can help you which is people are using nowdays to destroy or kill enemy which will give you solution without any crime and you will not have to do any crime.


Vedic Mantra to Destroy Enemies by Vashikaran Mantra 


if you are looking for solution of your Enemies by taking revenge from them then vedic mantra to destroy Enemi

Along with all other problems in this world, people are facing a lot of trouble in their love life. It's like we are paying the price of modernization in the terms of peace and money too. Life presents us with many difficulties and all those difficulties are not any less than we faced in olden days. But back in the day, we had our peace and serenity and we lived a happy life. But these days, people are facing trouble in each phase of their life because of various problems presented to them by the modern lifestyle. People have trouble in their business, marriage, love life, etc which are complicating their relationship a lot. Mostly people have trouble in their relatio

Marriage with desire boy is a dream of every woman or girl today we can see that Arrange marriage is going to low day by day and love marriage is getting their peak but in Love marriage there is a big problem whom you want to get marry he loves someone else he doesnot like what you can do because you can force anyone for love in this kind of cases girls got demotivated and speachless in this time vashikaran by photo can be a greatest tool for you if you want to control someone and you want that boy also do love you but How is it that easy? Not at all if you want to make your desire

Har aurat chahti hai ki uska pati wahi karein jo wo kahe aur jaisa karne ko wo kahe waise hi ho But har aurat ke liye ye sambhav nahi ho pata kabhi swabhav ki wajah se aur kabhi kisi aur wajah se. Pandit shankar lal ji acharya is world famous vashikaran specialist who can help you to control your husband by vashikaran or easy mantra and totke jo ki pati ko vash mein karne ka saral upay hai.

Pati ko vash mein karne ke totke in Hindi,English,Marathi,Urdu

pati ko vash mein karne ke totke  har aurat janna chahti hai but ye itna asaan nahi hai pati ko vash mein karne ke liye apko badi savdhani se har totke ka use karna hota hai jo ki

What is vashikaran ?


Vashikaranis A Sanskrit word, which is a combination of two words: "vashi + Karan" vashi "means" to attract, seduce and seduce others, influence them, gain them over magnetize them, "karan" means " Therefore, it is the use of occult science in which the mystical energies and taantrik power are used to control and regulate the mind of other persons, the thoughts of other people, the minds, the thoughts and the action. Art that deals with the energies of the mental waves and a theme of attraction towards the victim.This art is strengthened when you have strong inclinations towards your love.You can

Kya ek photo se vashikaran Sach mein Ho sakta hai (One call solution at +91-8557850786)

Jaisa ki mein vashikaran ke barein mein kafi sare article likhta rehta hu aur mujhe social media par kayi logo ke reply bhi aate hai jo mujhe vashikaran ke asan se asan tarike puchte hai mein apni taraf se unhe har sambhav paryaas karta hu satisfy karne ke liye aj kal jo sawaal mujhse sabse jyada pucha jata hai aj mein uske bare mein hi likh raha hu ki kya ek photo se vashikaran sach mein ho sakta hai  shayad sunne mein thoda ajeeb lage ki agar apke paas kisi ki sirf ek photo se usse vashikaran kiya ja sakta hai par ye sach hai kyunki vashikaran ek samohan karne ki vid

Kisi ki shadi ko todne ya rukwane ka upay 

Agar ap kisi ki shadi ko todne ka upay Agar ap kisi apne ki shadi hote nahi dekh pa rahe hai kyunki hum nahi chahte ki jisse ap pyar karte hai wo kabhi apse dur ho aur agar chahte hai ki koi aisa tarika ho jisse bina crime ke ap kisi ki shadi ko todne ya rukwane ka upay in hindi wo bhi pandit ji ke dwara teyaar vashikaran totke jisse ap asan tarike se kisi ki bhi shadi ko rukwa sakte hai.

Kisi ki shadi to todne k totka in Hindi,English,Tamil,Telugu

If you love someone or he or she is getting married with someone which is not easy to take care in this kind of time if you want kisi ko shadi ko todne ke

Black magic to get love back :- 

we all heard somethink about black magic and we all has some negative thought about black magic that it is used to take revenge or do any bad think on someone but every coin has two sights black magic can be use for the  positive mean also like black magic to get love back is one of the example if your boyfriend,husband now not giving proper attention to you and giving time to any other girl or lady then if you want to get your love back by black magic it is the most effective way for you all.

Black magic for love


love marriage

In Love Marriage We can select the best partner for our life, We can fully understand each other before getting married. But in arranging marriage It is difficult to select our best life partner, alleys after marriage only they can understand each other.

The main problem in love marriage is how to convince parents to marry love.

Remedies to convince parents of love marriage

Everyone is free to choose their own life partner if it belongs to the same cast or intercast. But the problem arises when parents do not agree to the intercast love marriage and children also do not want to do anything against their parents. Then they have to kil

Vashikaran to Control Boyfriend Mind

If you are in love with someone or you want to control your partner mind because he or she is not responding you as u want then what to do this is a question many  people asked on dailly basis on social media too and Last month we got many question on this topic so today we decided to write someone about How to control boyfriend or Girlfriend Mind by vashikaran or How vashikaran you can use to control girlfirned or boyfriend Mind.Vashikaran is a super power which is an art to control anybody after doing vashikaran the person will start understand u and start believe you in this kind of time vashikaran

Love marriage problem solution in Hindi 

Do u want to solve love marriage problem which is coming in your life mostly we can see that we choose someone for marriage because we think that it is our life and we have a complete right to choose our partner which is not wrong  and we start relation with someone without discussing with our parents and we spend quality time with our partner and  feeling happy in life and all we know marriage is the main destination of every love. when we plan to get married with someone then we are required our family acceptance and we face reality of our relation because marriage is not a relation of two soul but of 2

If you have lost your girlfriend,boyfriend because of some small issues coming in relationship and you don’t know how to recover your love back in relation then vashikaran in one day is practical and advance  method to solve love problems coming in life.Vashikaran Word made by two word vashikaran+ karan ,vashi means to control someone or attract someone and karan means way or process to do any means a process which can perform some mantras or tantras which can help u to control someone for any purpose.vashikaran in a one day is normally used to get love back,break boyfriend marriage,girlfriend marriage ,control wife,rem

Last month we got many emails and calls related to the same topic that pandit ji we are far from you and what is the best way of vashikaran while sitting in we are going to give you complete details about this topic. vashikaran is the most powerful and strong technique which can help u to control someones mind or heart and today people take help from vashikaran specialist mostly to solve love problem like Some has left you which was very close to you,husband wife problem because of mother in law and get solution by vashikaran,someone is treating you and you want the solution by vashikaran there is lots of work which is getting perform by vashikaran giving totke

Best vashikaran mantra tips to get husband love back

After a few years of marriage, it is often seen that the love between the husband and wife and the value of each other begins to end, due to which the reason is not large. Most of the reasons are not to give time to each other properly Due to this, the distance becomes increasingly as we know that love is not just a feeling but it is also a great necessity to live a if you want to get your husband love back in your life then vashikaran mantra can help u to control his mind and you will be able to explain him your feeling that will be a easiest method to get your husband love back wit

About Extramarital Affairs And How to End an Extramarital Relationship

Why we want to get marry? No doubt marriage is very important part of life, when you are in middle age you needs and desire for life partner who will be with you in any situation of life when you happy and sad. But after sometimes, marriage produces many complications in your life. Extramartial affair or relationship is also a part of these type of complications. Extra martial affairs problems  are that when you are not satisfied with your life partner then you try to ready to generate a relationship out of marriage. Where you want to obtain sexual relationship, f

Marriage is a boon for us in this world. In India marriage is a holy bond. Marriage plays a crucial role in everyone life because we cannot spend this life with loneliness in this world. Marriage is a holy bond between bride and groom. Some people say that this is unbreakable bond in this world and quite beautiful relation all over the world. But sometime owing to some domestic issues this unbreakable bond convert into breakup and divorce. We can stop divorce and save our marriage life. But this is not easy we have to do hard work for this deed. There are some ways to stop divorce in your lif

Astrological remedies or lal kitab remedies to get lost love back

Lal kitab Remedies is the most mysterious and complicate part of India history. We can divide astrological remedies into three parts. Such as,

  • Mantra
  • Tantra
  • Yantra

Mantra is a Sanskrit word which divided into two parts. The word man which is related to human thoughts. The word tra which refers to tools and instruments. In real this word means that “a tool of the mind” or instrument of thought”. Along with it some people say that mantra is meaning less but this is emotive power of communication. Mantra crea

What are manglik dosha remedies after marriage?

Manglik dosha is an astrological combination that occurs if mars is in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of the ascendant chart.  I can say like this according to Hindu astrology because this definition is given in Hindu astrology. Along with it, if any person born in the presence of this situation in that person get manglik dosha. Apart from that, some people say that manglik dosha unfavorable for marriage because of this several love problems come in spouse life. Husband and wife do not feel comfort in their relation. Along with it, they victim of tension and some other problems. There is believed t

Inter cast marriage means that when marriage is done in diverse cast. When bride and groom tie an unbreakable bond but in different cast that means inter cast marriage. Nowadays, the inter cast marriages have gradually gained acceptance owing to increasing education, economic background and employment. The first inter cast marriage is done in India on 4 February 1889. This marriage is a record in India.

What society think about inter cast marriage.

Society means whose people live surrounding us. According to society inter cast marriage a sin. In society some masses think that bride and groom should not inter cast marriage because a lower cast people cannot think abou

Without any doubt I can say that this statement is true that with the help of black magician you can get your love back in Hyderabad.  Black magician has many years’ experience with the help of this excellent experience. Firstly, they do study on your problems after then they give you some solution for destroy your love problems in your life. Apart from that, they ask you those reasons owing to your love life changed into breakup. After study on your reasons they give some remedies and mantras with the help you can get your love back in your life. Furthermore, with the help of black magic you can get your love back in quick time because with the help of black m

In this era mostly people face many problems related to their love. So mostly searches are get on internet for this question that how to convince parents for inter caste marriage with help of astrology. Inter cast marriage means when two different cast boys and girls make an unbreakable relation between both of them. But there parents do not accept there relation in their life. With the help of astrology you can get inter caste marriage problem solution. Astrologers work on your problems and after then they give you some remedies for convince your pare

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